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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Quick Note ...

I am still waiting on an update for FAIR TRADE and NEGOTIATIONS from TexanLady. I am getting a bunch of private PMs about this. Please be patient, they are forthcoming. THE BREEDER, CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES, WE STAND TOGETHER and LIFE GOES ON will be online and updated as well.

kleannhous, a personal note. I disagree with your capitalizations. I tried to standardize the story by Charlaine Harris' use of capitalizations in the SVM series. She doesn't capitalize 'were' as in shifter creature of some form. The problem for me is she's not consistent and that gave me the latitude to do what I thought was right, so after putting in all the chapters, I have decided to capitalize it simply because it reads more easily that way, especially in singular form. So 'were' is being capitalized and Fae will be too, since it's a race. I have gone back and forth on 'faery' and 'fairy' and whether these should be capitalized. I decided not to capitalize them, just as Charlaine doesn't. Charlaine also doesn't capitalize vampire.

At some point in time, I need to do a search on all the chapters to make sure I'm being consistent and have made all the changes. I SHOULD have created a stylesheet when I first started working with TexanLady, I know that now. She suggested a list of all our characters, too, so we can keep track of their details and I haven't had an opportunity to construct that yet.

You have pointed out the use of 'king', wanting it capitalized. I disagreed. My mother was a proofreader for many years and drummed into my head all these rules I now follow. But, just to be sure, I wound up tapping the head of the English department at a university I went to to have her weigh in. It is amazing how inconsistent the rules are for this. You do not capitalize the titles of officials when used instead of their name. As in, someone addressing Eric as 'my king'. The only capitalization should be when the title is used as a direct address, as in 'Prince of the Fae' or 'Elizabeth, Queen of England'.

Capitalization is used in a direct address, as in 'Yes, Lord?' But not for 'my lord.' The address is different. The first has Lord' substituting for the person's name, a proper noun. The second does not.

I scoured the internet, went through several style books, looked to see how Wikipedia handled this as well. I'm going to try and stick with this, as I've been doing, but if you see me use it wrong in that context, please let me know.

I looked up capitalizations for griffin, et al, and they, too, are all lowercase unless used as an address or full title as in, 'The Prince of Griffins'.

Thank you for catching all the errors I have missed. I am slower responding and correcting them but I swept through almost a dozen PMs from you today in an effort to get up to date. And of course I will publish your comments. I'm not embarrassed to admit I misspelled Haldar on the latest chapter. It's one of those things that you look at, and look at, and look at, and your mind sees what isn't there. Your effort is very appreciated.


  1. Love you guys. Can't wait for the new chapters. Agree with your capitalization comments too.

    Hope 2013 is a happy, healthy year for you both

  2. thanks for the personal note..... i am not upset with your words above as long as you are okay with it, i knew there was different styles to the way things are written but like you said above for an easier read you will capitalize Were and Fae. i love the story no matter what and look forward to more updates. As always anytime i can lend my eyes for errors i am at your service. my best Kristie