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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Positive Update

I have been wanting to post a reply to the many posts here and I'm dimwitted: every single time I've tried to leave a reply, the site won't accept it. I've tried leaving it via LiveJournal, Open I.D., Anonymous, my FFNet address ... I really have tried but failed over and over again.

1) Yes, ARRANGEMENT is being continued. In fact, chapter 65 has been bounced back to TexanLady yesterday and she's adding a bit more and we should have it online very, very shortly. Promise. She has a chapter for FAIR TRADE and NEGOTIATIONS she is working on as well. THE BREEDER, CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES, WE STAND TOGETHER and LIFE GOES ON are being updated as well. Part of the issue has been that poor SouthernLady23 hasn't had internet for months and the areas we need to host these stories hasn't been created yet. It WILL be.

2) Thank you for all the errors you've been finding, kleannhouse. It's very appreciated and I've corrected every one of them as I get your posts. The problem is that chapters 13 through about chapter 42 are raw. I never beta'd them and I have not gone back in to add to any of them either. You're going to find grammatical errors galore because TexanLady was writing a couple of chapters a WEEK back then and was more intent on getting out content than making it perfect. Someday ...

I'm sorry for the very long delay. For those who know me, you know this delay has been entirely my fault. The death of my mother took me out. She was my axis I orbited around for over more than ten years as I took care of her all that time. I went through what a lot of people experience when a spouse dies. The fate of the house I am living in is up in the air as I try to manage all the expenses alone now. I've a house filled with memories that need to be whittled down and given away, donated or sold. Some items I can't bear to do anything with; my mother's sweater and pocketbook hang from a hook by the front door because I can't handle the finality of touching them right now. I still tell her goodnight every night I climb the stairs to bed, simply because I always did. The holidays were awful for memories that tore at me.

TexanLady has been very understanding of this because it's much of what she went through when her sister and brother-in-law were taken in that texting car accident a few years back. Loved ones die and a part of you dies too. The links are severed and there's no one to connect with the same way again.

I apologize for the long wait all of you have had. I regret those who've moved on and messaged us because by our long delay we've really pressed heavily on your understanding and sympathies. We're going to make an effort to get updates out more timely. Promise.


  1. Wish I could help with navagating the blogspot interface. I'm only familiar with Wordpress, myself.

    Sorry to hear some people are moving on from your stories. It's a shame as they are beautifully written. My mother died last year, as well, so I understand that real life always comes first - and more importantly, grief cannot be postponed as it affects your entire manner of being.

    People take the longer breaks with a positive perspective. It's just another excuse to re-read the stories when you get an email update.


  2. Hope that you can work your way thru these trying time, the loss of a parent is so hard. Glad to hear that a chapter is in the works. As a previous posted noted, it is a great excuse to reread! Thanks for keeping us updated

  3. I never drop anything, ever. I may be frustrated, but good things come to those who wait, and this is most assuredly is something worth waiting for.

    I know how I feel just thinking about my mom dying, my heart clenches and tears come to my eyes. That this still is going on is amazing. Thank you to both of you.

  4. Again, my deepest condolences about your mother NYCsnowbird. Real life comes first and you should take all the time you need. We'll be waiting, no worries. :) With that in mind, I'm greatly looking forward to reading more from you lovely ladies (especially Fair Trade omfg)! I hope the new year brings good things to both you two. :)

  5. RL happens hun. We all love and support you.

  6. So sorry to hear about your mom. I am very excited to read that you and Texan Lady will be posting again. I love the stories and I'm looking forward to reading more

  7. I have no problems waiting for any of the work. I have gone and admitted that this site is one of my favorites. If I knew anything on Blogger, I would help out, but I am over on WordPress and am learning about that (gone so far to buy a book!)

    Do what you need to. I lost my Grandfather this past November, and as the man who raised me, it was hard. Losing loved ones is hard. And pets qualify also!! I lost my Bear (who was over 15 years old) just 2 weeks before I lost my grandfather. To this day, even with Connor my new puppy, I find myself missing Bear. And my Grandfather? I have missed him for years since he was taken first by Alzheimer's then by death. It will get easier, I promise you.

    Will look forward to the updates, and will continue to promote you guys to the people on my site too!

  8. You take your time, and your faithful readers will be here. There are many stages to grieving and you need to go through them all - they can take years to go through. Not everyone does this the same way so don't let anyone rush you. It's so odd how we always expect our parents to be here as though they're omnipotent. Some of us have been there, and we'll be here for you if needed.

    Looking forward to new chapters whenever they're available. I'm patient -it's always great reading. Like great wine, you have to wait for the best!

    Take care of you!


  9. I am so excited for new content!!! As much as it pains me to say, while we all love the stories you have both created, I understand fully why these need to back a set to real life. Things happen as I know to well. (Loss of everything I own in a flood for example). I for one will stick around to read so long as it takes. If you need a hand proof reading I'll pop my hand up. (Was almost an English teacher so I know the basics. :-). ). Either way, thank you both for sticking with it. I'm excited to read the new stuff that's coming!!

  10. Completely understand the loss of your mother. I have a storage unit in my driveway full of her stuff. She passed almost 4 years ago. It's wrong, I know that, I should move on, but she was my best friend. It does get better.

    Thanks for the update and really looking forward to the new chapters.

  11. So sorry for your loss, i lost my father 2,5 years ago and it still hits me. Sending lots of *huggles* your way!!

  12. here till the end. supporting ya all no matter what. very sorry for your loss and very grateful that you are still working on the story when you could have let it fall to the wayside with all the different things you both have going on in your lives.
    Marie aka ilovemysteries

  13. NYC and TL i totally understand.. i lost my dad on Jan 1st this year so its still fresh... Re-reading and helping edit is a stress relief for me and i have no problem doing it. If you need me to help more than i am please let me know. I enjoy all TL's work and i am looking forward to all of the updates when you and she find time to for it. I know Julie has been at wits end with her interent so no worries from me, i can wait patiently. my best and many Hugs and warm wishes Kristie

  14. So sorry for your loss... don't worry about us, I think most of us will still be here when you're ready to start posting again... and I'm excited that that time might be fast approaching... I excitedly look forward to new content but I agree with the other folks who said new content or even the promise of new content is a great excuse to reread everything! I just might have to do that now that I think about it since it's been so long since I reread everything... I just might at that! Much love to NYCSnowBird and TexanLady I'm sure the new content will be totally worth the wait! It always is with you guys! Thanks for teaching me patience I totally know it will be worth the wait!

  15. Take care a you... Everything else is secondary.

    Like the old adage says, 'Good things come to those who wait!' So, i'll wait. *shrug* :)

  16. Sorry to hear about your troubles but so excited to read that the stories will be updated. I hope it's soon, I've been re-reading the last chapters to refresh.
    Like everyone else says - personal issues take precedence so take the time to regroup. We can wait, even if its impatiently! A good story is worth it.

  17. Hi NYCSnowbird,

    My heart is wih you. Your mother was one lucky lady to have such a devoted and sensitive daughter. I know what you mean about the sweater and purse, leave them there she will always be a part of your day.

    Glad to hear there are so many stories being updated!

    Give a headscatch to our feathered friend and have a great weekend.

  18. I''m just grateful to hear that you're okay. Best, Gja

  19. I found The Arrangement just after the passing of my mother. It was a wonderful escape from my very sad self. Thank you for giving me an escape at a time when I really needed it. Take your time, it is a terrible process, but after the grief, when the fond memories of a healthy mother start to be more prominent, that is lovely place. I can only say it gets easier. Therapy helped too.

    With compassion and respect--
    Austin Darby

  20. i love how you write all your work. just marvelous, i'm new here and loving it, so fan of yours keep up the great work and keep us posted,,,,

  21. I might have found this blog late, I might have just found your stories not a week ago and begun reading them. But I can tell you that the pain of loosing someone close to you will ease. Feb. 11, 2008 is when my father died, took himself from his entire family. And Valentines day is when the funeral was held. I can tell you right now that I still miss him. I am still pissed off at him. But it gets somewhat easier. I truly hope that you find something to be at peace with. Me I have done the unhealthy thing by pushing it down to where I don't think about it. I know we are supposed to forgive and forget, but I cannot forgive him for taking his own life.
    I don't want to unload all my problems here, I'm supposed to be posting here and making you feel better. I truly do hope that you take the steps of grief and come to terms that she will still be with you. You are apart of her, her family, and that will never change no matter what plain of existence she is on. :) I wish both you and Texanlady the best of luck, I hope you both find the light in your lives again. And don't let the darkness consume you. Please, no family deserves having a loved one take themselves away.
    I shall be looking forward to whenever you guys decide to update your stories, and don't give up, you both are excellent writers, your stories made me laugh, cry, feel dread and happiness. You both are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more.


  22. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know I'm one of those people who expressed impatience about another post (all I can say about THAT is the two of you have turned what I thought was an entertaining story into such a deliciously rich plot that I find myself checking for a new post daily). I am sorry if I came across as insensitive at all. I normally click straight on the TA link and completely missed this update.

    I lost a brother when I was seven and I know how how painful it is to lose someone, as if you're taking a razor to your very nerve endings each and every time you breathe. I'm desperate for an addition to TA, but not enough to try and rush someone hurting that way. Thank you for creating a wonderful piece and for letting us know you're not abandoning such a great story. I hope things get easier for you. I would never be callous enough to say time heals (because it's bullshit), at best we learn to adjust. I just hope you find out that although we lose loved ones, they never truly leave us. It's been 18 years since I lost my brother and sometimes I can feel his presence next to me or hear him call my name as I hover between being awake and asleep. I hope that holds true for you too.