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Friday, March 17, 2017

Update March 2017

I know so many of you are waiting for an update on any of the stories that are here.

By way of explanation for an intolerably long delay, I wanted to update you that TexanLady has been very ill for months now. I do not get a lot of correspondence from her or her relations telling me what's going on but I felt I should share what I do know.

She went into the hospital early September last for the removal of a small mass on her esophagus. Thankfully, it was not cancerous and she was released two days later. However, after going home, the sutures tore, her chest filled with liquid and an infection set in. Containing the infection has been an ongoing issue. Months later, she is on a feeding tube and part of her esophagus has been removed. It looks like she will need the feeding tube for an entire year. Food and drink by mouth is impossible while the esophagus heals. She has been in and out of the hospital for weeks on end; I don't know who is running the farm. Last I heard from her, she was back in the hospital and unable to talk. Her mother wrote me a few days ago to say she suffered a stroke and I've written back to get details. I have no idea what kind it was or how bad. :(

I await further news.

Meanwhile, my own situation is in the toilet as well. My fiancé has advanced prostate cancer, so virulent it dropped into his bladder and formed an inoperable mass. For you ladies out there with male counterparts, get them to check out their prostate. Drag them kicking and screaming if you have to but get them to have a doctor perform a simple exam. It might save their life. We were told by a urologist that 70% of men over the age of 60 develop prostate cancer. It is a slow acting cancer and can be treated if caught in time. My fiancé did nothing for ten years and we now are paying the price. He was in the hospital just shy of a month and I drove there every day to stay with him each day and keep track of what each doctor had to say.

While he was in the hospital he suffered a mild ischemic stroke but its effects wore off within days. However, my heart started fibrillating from all the stress. I wound up in a different hospital across town where I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, atrial fibrillation, essential hypertension, chronic diastolic heart failure, tricupid valve insufficiency and a heart murmur. I never felt ill; this was the first I was aware my heart was so bad. When it rains, it pours. We sit around the dining room table now sorting out the medications we're both on now.

My belief is the stories will continue but we've a major delay here. Bear with us.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 You Want Blood Awards

It is with great pleasure I mention the wins we've managed to nab in the 2016 You've Got Blood awards hosted by 4padfoot ( The sheer amount of energy needed to pull off a contest is far more than anyone usually anticipates and my hat is off to her for the dedication and late nights she had to have experienced pulling it off. Sincere thanks.

Here are our wins. To any of our loyal readers who cast votes for us, our very humble thanks to you as well. TexanLady is in the hospital right now with a growth on her esophagus (non malignant) and I sent her word of our awards and am crossing my fingers I hear from her soon. I've been begging for updates for weeks now. I know it isn't easy waiting (im)patiently for new chapters of your favorite stories, I am particularly anxious for a new ARRANGEMENT chapter to dig into. We've discussed what is happening in this next one ... talk about rollercoasters!

Seriously, we both thank you for hanging in there with us through all the sometimes calamitous life events we've both gone through all these years. 

I wouldn't be so good a beta without the eagle eyes of several readers who write me to point out errors I miss. I share this with them.

(I've written 4padfoot to have my name removed from this story and hopefully get this award amended to reflect that it is entirely TexanLady's. All I perform is a light beta on it, the rest is all hers.)

Hopefully we'll have an update to share with you soon. Thank you for your avid loyalty that we'd even be considered for awards so many years after the start of these ongoing stories.

~ nycsnowbird